Again, process UPDATED posts to main blog via Autoblog


inspired by one of the previous discussions, I have a question (or ask for explanation) about updated posts.

My multisite authors are often editing posts on their sub-blogs in the network, this is the way of publishing - most of the time they update one post each day during one week, then they create next post, and so on. I noticed, that when post is created and processed to main blog, next round of processing doesn't grab updated post, which I assume is the way plugin works.

I would like to ask you for advice, as this situation is quite uncomfortable. Although on the main site, thanks to very useful addon, posts are linked to the sub-blog - this doesn't work for other functions, because post on the main site stays "1st version". It would be great to display updated post using e.g. recent posts plugin, but it is linking to not-updated post on main site.

Feed I'm using is your "Global Recent Posts Feed".

Is there any way to (even manually) get posts updated? By any modification of the original post in the network? Changing any parameter?
Or the other way, any global posts widget, where I could handpick posts by category from the network?