agressive vs cache everything and its impact on wordpress sites

Can you please tell me what is the difference between cache everything and agressive caching in page rules with cloudflare? Is there any downsides to either as it relates to wordpress sites?


  • Jude

    Hey Cron

    Cache everything does just what the name implies. It Caches all file types on your site, including static content and HTML. CloudFlare Cache Everything will automatically respect any default cache headers set by the web server or CMS software like WordPress.

    NOTE: When using "Cache everything" you might have trouble with login forms on your site. A common one is WordPress. To correct this you'll need to add another rule as the first rule for the wp-login.php file that is set to "bypass cache".

    Aggressive caches all static content that has a query string in it. Its fine except when you purposely inject the query string to test stuff. It then will not work * You need to put it in dev mode during tests.

    I personally dont use both.


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