AHHHHH!!!! Pictures are gone and formatting is lost!?!?!

I signed up for the free trial yesterday and was really excited to begin using your plug-ins on a new site/program I am building, however today when I went into my site, all the pictures on my podcast page (http://www.thekimsutton.com/podcast) have disappeared (from the page AND the media library), the opt-in bar on my home page and various other pages is messed up, and there are a variety of other issues. I did not install any plug-ins outside of yours and I am VERY frustrated as this is now going to take HOURS and dollars to fix. All I did was use the Smush/Hummingbird feature and turn on a couple of the security features, however I did NOT install the security feature which recommended making a backup. Now I am trying to post today's podcast and I can't attach the graphic as the featured image on the post. HELP!