A while back I reached a situation where my coursepress wouldn't allow me to add anymore modules to units. I went through a thorough back and fourth that lasted about 4 months. During that time a few coursepress updates happened that I hadn't touched at risk of causing errors. Luís knows about this.

After seemingly being unable to fix the error I updated (I had already done this to a lower version at the point of problem) to 2.0 which in turn sent my down one of the most annoying and incredibly tiresome paths of fixing error after error after error, bug after bug within the new coursepress 2.0. You can see my 4.2749 billion support tickets raised in the last few months.... HOWEVER, THIS DID FIX MY NOT BEING ABLE TO SAVE UNITS PROBLEM.

Anyway, today comes the launch today. We are finally there. Lets do one final check and see its working..... SHJADASJHDHJADHJAKSDJHKHASJKFSHDFSJ

Information on the problem.

One of the quizzes on my modules is set to assessable, I don't want it to be set to assessable so i uncheck the box on the quiz and hit save. It saves. I then go to a different page and return to the same module. The quiz is once again set to assessable. This seems a very similar problem to my previous not saving new units problem. The same problem occurs on a few of the units.

Smart Photo Courses: Monthly Instalments > Unit 11 > Final Quiz on first page.


1. Checked for plugin conflicts
2. Changed to default wordpress twentysixteen
3. Changed to coursepress
4. Given you site access for 2 weeks
5. Provided FTP Details -- these are the same as the ones provided in the email to LuisLopes


Luís / Dimitris / Kasia Swiderska / Nastia --- yes im probably looked on as a di*k for tagging all you in but i have reached the end of my tether.....