AHP Sitewide and WassUp with multi DB?

On WPMU we installed multi DB. Everything seems to work. Except two Plugins. WassUp and AHP Sitewide Recent Posts. Both worked before.

AHP Sitewide Recent Posts:

It does not show contents/Posts. In addition, there is no error message.


No error message. We can deinstall and install, it put wassup and wassup_tmp in the DB, but it does not save new Visits/data.

The WassUp Server Settings and Memory Resources:

WassUp Version:

WassUp Table name: wp_4_wassup

WassUp Table Charset/collation: unknown

Does someone have a solution? Thanks!

  • nxmedia
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Hi Andrew,

    i think AHP Sitewide don’t have own tables. (?)

    WassUp needs the tables in the same Blog DB. The statistics are for each Blog and very heavy.

    It create the tables for each Blog correctly, but save (however except the first welcome entry) no data ther.

    Does someone have these two Plugins with multi DB working?

  • Andrew
    • Champion of Loops


    I just took a look at the AHP plugin and I’m afraid it will not work with Multi-DB or any other db splitting plugin due to the way it is coded. You’ll need to use our post indexer plugin instead.

    As for the other plugin, it’s best to contact the plugin author.



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