Ajax Search Pro & BuddyPress XProfile Fields

I have spent hours and hours trying to get Ajax Search Pro to work with the xprofile fields in BuddyPress. I worked with plugin support as well, and he said the newest version includes user meta data support which I have now instead, and he said it may fix it, but now is unavailable for a couple weeks and I need to make a decision one way or another.

I can't seem to get it to work and I am wondering if it as simple as having the wrong information entered into the custom user meta data field. I have tried so many variations, but maybe I am just missing the proper syntax, so any thoughts would be great. The fields I use are 1-8, so field_1, field_2, etc. See the screenshot for how and where I enter this. It seems like this should be easy to do, but not knowing how user meta data works and adding custom fields I guess my main concern is that data has to live in a specific user table, so there isn't any entry I can put in that will see outside of the default user table.

If that is the case I am wondering about copying the xprofile data to wp user data, but not sure best ways to do that, if smart, or if just too much work and more complexity just to use this plugin. I have looked at various plugins to copy that data over, but none that seemed all that simple and the bigger concern is just one more piece of software to worry about breaking something. Anyway would love some thoughts.

It is installed on DenverTherapistsNetwork.com.


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hey David,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I'd just like to make sure: are you referring to this plugin:
    http://codecanyon.net/item/ajax-search-pro-for-wordpress-live-search-plugin/3357410 ?

    I'm not familiar with it and I'm not able to test it now at my end. However, I'd like to take a closer look and possibly test it a bit. That being said, would you please grant me a support access to your dashboard?

    To do this, please follow this guide:


  • David

    I have granted access to the site, and yes it is the plugin you reference. Feel free to test with the HomeTherapist search already configured, which is displayed on the home page. Users know that this search is currently somewhat limited in it's functionality so testing with it is fine, but you can always duplicate and test on that if you prefer.

    I have been using Field_7 (phone number xprofile field), as a test field and the number on my profile for checking (303-523), as that is a really quick way to validate if working. There is a built in search/test function right there you can use, which you don't even have to save settings for it to test the changes - very convenient.

    Just note that this plugin is a beast - it has more settings than just about any plugin I have used, which is good and bad. But the main options that should work for this are under General Options - User Search, but there are at least 3 other configuration pages which could potentially include other ways to access user data.


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hey David,

    Thanks for granting an access and providing me with all these information!

    I've performed a detailed check on plugin's settings and it seems that it does include some BuddyPress integration but in my opinion it's not complete.

    The x-profile fields are not stored as native WP user meta data. Instead there are additional tables such as:

    - "wp_bp_xprofile_fields" - which stores fields ids, names and types
    - "wp_bp_xprofile_data" - which stores data associated with these fields.

    The issue here is that there are many places in plugin's settings where you can define what should be searchable, including a BuddyPress tab. None of these places though include anything that would be at least nearly related to x-profile fields.

    This config on your screenshot doesn't seem to be BuddyPress related as "user meta fields" I think mean fields of "wp_usermeta" table and x-profile fields values are not stored there (therefore anything like "field_7" won't work).

    At "BuddyPress" tab there are some options but none of them include x-profile.

    I've also checked "Index table" settings, hoping that's the place where I could include anything that's in the database but it seems there's also no way to include BuddyPress x-profile table.

    That being said, I think not much can be done without plugin's developer intervention here. In my opinion he/she would need to add support for "bp_xprofile_fields" and "bp_xprofile_data" tables to the plugin.

    However, I have found this (unofficial) plugin:


    I haven't had a chance to test it yet but it's supposed to map x-profile fields to WP user meta fields. If this worked as expected the Ajax Search plugin should then be able to search through user meta fields easily.

    UPDATE: I just gave this aforementioned a quick try and it's causing errors on my end. Finding a way to sync/map x-profile fields to WP user meta would be a way to go but unfortunately I can't find any rock-solid way to do this. That said, I think you'd need to nag the plugin's developer though let me please consult my colleagues and get back to you in case I've got a "brilliant idea" :slight_smile:


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