Akismet failure/no access to configuration page


I have a network installation running, newly rebuilt with WP 3.1 and BP 1.2.8, setup in Canvas BuddyPress child theme from Woo. Site: http://mediajungle.dk

We are not able to configure Akismet, because the Akismet configuration page is not accessible (clicking Akismet settings just takes me to Dashboard home on the main blog). Anyone seen that before? Not so funny to have a whole live network flooded with spam comments..

I have deactivated most plugins, down to this core list:


Audio player


Comment Indexer

Global Site Search

Google Analytics

New Blog Templates

Post Indexer

Recent Global Comments Widget

Recent Posts Widget

Sitewide Privacy Options

Update Services

WPMU DEV Update Notifications


Additional Tags

LDAP Authentication Plug-in


Supporter (Feature: Limit Plugins)

VHOST and directory enabled Domain Mapping plugin

I cant seem to find any discussions anywhere pointing to a similar Akismet malfunction.

Would be most greatful for ideas, suggestions, thanks.