@Alexander Rohmann, I have marked this ticket because

Hello @Alexander Rohmann, I have marked this ticket because you've talked about my site. The chat plugin is in trouble. When you close the message box and open it again, it is very narrow, as in the attached image. I've checked all the settings and sizes. Already installed in a default theme for BuddyPress on a subdomain with no active plugin and the problem continues. When I press the "Clear" box back to normal, but the button does not appear in the other two computers, one of my collaborator and one of my client, but even so it clears the conversation, and that's not good.
I understand that I will have a lot to learn from WPMU during the works, especially the membership plugin that protected the pages perfectly.
All other WPMU plugins and theme settings are perfect, no problem, just need help with this problem from my work chat to deliver virtually 100% wpmudev.
Can you help me?
Thank you.