@Alexander Rohmann, I have marked this ticket because

Hello @alexander Rohmann, I have marked this ticket because you've talked about my site. The chat plugin is in trouble. When you close the message box and open it again, it is very narrow, as in the attached image. I've checked all the settings and sizes. Already installed in a default theme for BuddyPress on a subdomain with no active plugin and the problem continues. When I press the "Clear" box back to normal, but the button does not appear in the other two computers, one of my collaborator and one of my client, but even so it clears the conversation, and that's not good.

I understand that I will have a lot to learn from WPMU during the works, especially the membership plugin that protected the pages perfectly.

All other WPMU plugins and theme settings are perfect, no problem, just need help with this problem from my work chat to deliver virtually 100% wpmudev.

Can you help me?

Thank you.

  • Paul
    • The Green Incsub


    More than likely this is related to your theme. I suspect the theme has some element definitions that are effecting the chat elements. Can you try switching to a default theme like TwentyTwelve?

    Other thoughts. In your wp-admin under Settings > Chat you will see a set ob tabs across the top of the page. The second tab should control the ‘bottom corner’ chat settings. On this tab you should have defined a width and height for the bottom corner chat. Can you provide a screenshot or provide those values?

  • gvsig
    • Flash Drive


    This morning was the last time for me to present the project.

    I disabled the chat button, and installed Simple Chat Plugin to use the button and the possibility of individual conversations. I’m using two plugins chat now, the WPMU for the chat page, and Simple Chat button to corner.

    Do not have time for all the tests, but I will install the plugin WPMU another new site for testing.

    Anyway it would be wonderful if the Chat WPMU could have individual conversations. I would just use a plugin.

    Also would like to know your opinions about the commercial chat services that send traffic to other servers, and if it is recommended.

    The plugin WPMU completely solve the issue of group chat for pages, but I have not had time to settle with you my problem dialog button, so I had to install another plugin because the client wanted anyway button .

    The project is wonderful, an association of tennis players in a important city in São Paulo, Brazil.

    Going forward we will have an explosion of internet in our country, and the responsive sites, private social networks and CMS will be a big strike length of business.

    I count on your valuable help, and so test the chat plugin on another site, send you the results.

    Thank you very much

  • gvsig
    • Flash Drive

    Good morning @patrick

    I downloaded the beta and installed by ftp. The settings screens appear on the panel and I did like it says in the post. But it does not appear in the chat button and will not appear on the page. But I did it on a subdomain, because yesterday the chat down my site. The hosting hostgator blocked the site. I saw the link you passed up being a mistake that happened with multiple users, and I am now hoping that hosting unlock so I can delete the old version of chat and I want to install the new one, because from what I read in the link settings and saw she was very good.

    Can you help me with this installation? I will also mark the @paul here, or should I mark the post that you put me through?

  • Paul
    • The Green Incsub


    Just my input. I really would prefer you stick with the official released version of Chat. I think Patrick was simply relating that Private chat is coming. The beta chat has some unique problems of it’s own. I’m working with a select group of members on that other thread to work through the development. The members involved in that test can all run the current version of chat successfully. This was a prerequisite for installing the beta.

    Since you are having some issues I don’t want to confuse things by introducing something we are not yet prepared to support.

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