Alignment Problems


I am having trouble getting the alignment right with the Q&A plugin on the site. Here is a screenshot of it. It is on

How can I get this centered right?

  • Mason

    Gads. Yeah, that looks terrible.

    Unfortunately, that's the result of the way the theme is coded. It's not written to WordPress theme standards and thus the plugin is looking for information and not finding it.

    I see you've made some progress since the screenshot, but to effectively do this you're going to have to modify things quite a bit.

    Take a look at the qa plugin. You'll want to go to qa/default-templates/ and copy the following files to your theme's root folder:

    Once you have them copied to your theme folder they will be used rather than the ones that come with the plugin. We can now modify them to match better with the theme.

    For example, open ask-question.php and on line 2 add the following:
    <div class="conatiner_12">
    Then add this to line 16:

    There may need to be a little trial and error on where to place these div tags on each page, but adding this to the files should begin to make the appearance work better across the site.

    If you need further direction you may want to ask for a quote for some custom development from our Job Boards:

    And if all of this seems like a lot of work, you may want to look into a theme that conforms to the WordPress standards a bit better.


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