[All WPMU DEV Plugins] Store default Settings for Plugins globally

Hello WPMU DEV Team,
I recently started using a plugin where it’s possible to configure default Settings on their Website, and when you install the plugin on a website, you can choose if you want to load or use the default global settings that are stored on their website.
This way it would skip the “get started” configurations, get the whitelabel settings without setting them up manually.

So there are 3 ways then:
1. Do all settings manually
2. Load the globally saved settings and modify whatever needed.
3. Use the global settings

– First Option is great for single setups or custom brandings and settings.
– Second option is nice when you want to keep most of the seconds you usually use, and just modify a few things.
– Third option is perfect when you got similar sites or circumstances that do not require a special setup. This way you can easily keep them all with the same settings.

Advanced feature could be, that it’s possible to activate or deactivate the global settings for a single plugin. So that only WPMU DEV Whitelabel settings are synced between the WPMU DEV Members area and all managed websites.

Would like to hear about your opinions on that!