All Admin Panel Tips Disappeared

Hello All,

On our WP3.3.2 multisite installation, Admin Panel Tips have been working great until June 4th when they all disappeared and no longer display in the Network Admin area or on the individual sites.

Adding a new tip reports that it added successfully, but it does not display.

Only a few routine updates have occurred, but I noticed that the time stamp on the plugin folder for admin tips was June 4th, so I overwrote the folder with an earlier folder when the admin tips were working but it made no difference.

Not sure what I should look for here. ??

And if anybody suggests deactivating all plugins on the entire network and going through that troubleshooting routine, you will only provoke me to make yet ANOTHER post requesting my "plugin sets" tool. :slight_smile:

Seriously, any suggestion on what to look for would be appreciated. I hate to just abandon the plugin feature because it is quite useful.

Phil D