All default graphics are pixelated on Upfront themes?

I've installed Upfront and the apparent child themes: Fixer, Scribe and Spirit. After installing these, it appears that I can only apply and customize the three child themes and that Upfront itself must be a support theme facilitating the others (unless it is possible to create new themes from scratch that I'm not seeing?)

But the big thing that is a bit discombobulating right now is that all of these example / base child themes for Upfront have severely pixelated graphics, which seems contrary to the examples I saw initially when installing them:

Any idea what's going on here?

  • aristath

    Hello there @ylluminate, i hope you're well today!

    The default graphics are indeed pixelated but you're free to replace them with your own!
    This is not a problem or an issue... it was a decission made during the theme development.
    The demos of these themes are from real sites with real,copyrighted images. We could not include these images in the theme...
    Just use your own! The theme was not designed to be used as-is, you're meant to tweak it!!


  • ylluminate

    Understood Ari. I just wanted some clarity as to whether or not this was intentional. It seemed queer after seeing the designs on the promotional material and then these.

    Further, is it yet possible to design a site from scratch with Upfront without starting from one of these base themes? Can you direct me to some documentation that can answer some questions? So far my experience with Headway seems a little more intuitive vs what we have here with Upfront, but I suspect that I am missing some key understanding here at the beginning of my efforts with it.

  • ylluminate

    Also, please note that since I had not heard back regarding this portion of my question, I previously expounded upon this over here as a question by itself:

    But to clarify as you requested:

    Sorry, I thought from scratch was clear. Yes, from scratch means like taking the ingredients for baking cookies and making them from the base level / ingredients. In this case, keeping in context, this would mean that I want to develop a child theme from and for Upfront that would be comparable to Fixer or Spirit. At the moment it seems as though this kind of functionality is not quite available and that we are expected to base our work off of one of these already existing themes (eg, Spirit, Fixer, etc.).

    I am used to Headway, for example, where one creates a theme and its accompanying templates in a design oriented interface initially where you layout the blocks, etc.

    It seems that Upfront's marketing material kind of pitches it like an iWeb or EverWeb for WordPress, which is quite nice, but some parts of the documentation equation are yet missing.

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