all! I currently have a two pronged question. Both relate

Hello all!

I currently have a two pronged question. Both relate to capturing payments. Each one has a different purpose. Let me frame it as scenarios and then ask the question at the end.

Scenario 1

I am trying to make it easier to deliver finished files to a client behind a payment gateway. For instance, I have just finished a job, I have the invoice ready, and now I want to take the client to a page on my site where they can make a payment. After the payment has been successfully processed, they are taken to a page where they can download the file via dropbox link, google drive link, wordpress link or send an email with payment verification and a link to the file. Does this make sense? It’s going to vary from project to project, client to client so there is no set pricing.

Scenario 2

I am trying to make my services into product purchases. I’ll use a one page sell sheet for example. When I send people to my website the product/service would include a clear scope of work from the outset, files they should have ready, then I would collect information about the project, they could upload assets (logos, copy, etc.) and then I would drive them to the payment gateway where their order is processed. From there I can route it to one of my designers.


What would be the best way to solve each of these problems using the suite of WPMUDEV plug-ins? Is there a solution in this?

Thanks in advance for all your help.