Google Maps Memory Allocation

Hey all,

I recently expanded the database and added test data to the maps on my site. Whenever I load this page: my server memory spikes to over 2 GB and casues my host to shut down service.

I recently updated to 2 gb after I ran into the memory problem. It doesn't seem like any amount of memory will avoid this overload. There are repeated admin-ajax.php calls until the server stops responding. I've elimated all other plugins and issue goes away after google maps is off.

I have 40 posts that are being queried for the mashup (these are maps created from custom fields) and I can't imagine 40 markers blowing 2 gb of ram?

When idle the site uses 77mb, after I load the mashup page it balloons to 2gb. Any efforts to load a subsequent page renders a "server not available" error. If you wait 30 seconds or so, service is reestablished.

Any ideas how I may be able to optimize this? I am running the featured images as markers add-on as well. I will turn that off and see if that is issue. Otherwise, I have to wonder about a memory or something like it. admin-ajax.php seems to be taking a lot of resources during page load, but not sure it's cause.

Thanks for reading. Let me know if any ideas come to mind.