All in One SEO Pack and Simple Sitemap plugin error

I have downloaded it, installed it, modified my htaccess file and receive this error on the site:

Mac OS X 2°âATTR.„øâ˜&˜&;4a8aab44;Safari;| resource fork intentionally left blank ÿÿMac OS X 2°âATTRî&èâ˜&˜&;4a8aab44;Safari;| resource fork intentionally left blank ÿÿ

I am pretty good at tinkering, but wanted to see if anyone had an idea of where to start…

  • Patrick Burt
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Andrew, the is what I am seeing at the top of my page:

    Warning: include(C:htdocs/wp-content/mu-plugins/wp-super-cache/wp-cache-base.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in C:htdocswp-contentpluginswp-super-cachewp-cache.php on line 49

    Warning: include() [function.include]: Failed opening ‘C:htdocs/wp-content/mu-plugins/wp-super-cache/wp-cache-base.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.;c:phpPEAR’:wink: in C:htdocswp-contentpluginswp-super-cachewp-cache.php on line 49

  • Patrick Burt
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    That is what I noticed as I was adding the SEO and sitemap plugin. So i diabled the SEO and sitemap plugin and then received those errors.

    I next have gone back, removed and reinstall the super cache plugin. It is running with no errors. I have now activated the SEO and sitemaps plugin and I get this:

    Mac OS X 2??ATTR.????&?&;4a8aab44;Safari;| resource fork intentionally left blank ??Mac OS X 2??ATTR?&???&?&;4a8aab44;Safari;| resource fork intentionally left blank ??

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at C:htdocswp-contentmu-plugins._all_in_one_seo_pack.php:1) in C:htdocswp-contentmu-pluginswp-super-cachewp-cache-phase2.php on line 46

    Looks like more super-cache issues but I am unaware of what is the beginning string.

  • Andrew
    • Champion of Loops

    I’m afraid I really don’t know where those ‘Mac OS X’ errors are coming from.


    Is there a file called ‘._all_in_one_seo_pack.php’ in mu-plugins? A file with that name is not included in the AIO SEO download.



  • Patrick Burt
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Hi Andrew, there is not a file with that name. There is:


    If I remove that file, the error then reads:


    If I remove:


    From the folder, all errors go away, including the odd MacOS X one, which shows up in safari and FF, but not Chrome.



  • Andrew
    • Champion of Loops

    Well, it should be working just fine on Apache.

    I’m afraid I really don’t have any suggestions for this one. The error messages are just plain odd. For instance one is mentioning ‘simple-sitemaps.php:1’ which indicates a problem with line 1 in that file. Line 1 is just the opening PHP statement and nothing else. There’s not really a way for there to be a bug in that line.

    It’s also weird that the errors are getting tossed for both the AIO SEO and Sitemaps plugins. Other than being packaged together on this site they’re in no way related.

    Is it possible that the files are getting corrupted during the upload?



  • fuzu42
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    old problem, I know, but this is a git-related issue

    filename.php becomes empty file ._filename.php when deleted from a tracked git repository, pushed and subsequently pulled

    this is a feature to help programmers

    only problem is WP pukes on empty files in the mu-plugins directory

  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Wow, thanks for that one fuzu42! It is so helpful to have information like that when searching for resolutions to various issues. (PS I threw a few reputation points your way – there’s a mysterious tale of people receiving lifetime memberships for getting a certain number of rep points!)

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