All Media Broken after Domain Mapping Update

I'm in need of some urgent assistance here, thanks in advance for any help!

After updating Domain Mapping on our network, I immediately noticed that most of the images on our mapped site ( were no longer displaying. Inspecting the page revealed that the image urls all now had the .com domain in the link, instead of .org where they we all uploaded. See image info screen shot.

I rolled back the plugin, and that didn't fix the issue. I then attempted to remap the domain, by clicking the trash icon. But after adding the domain back, the health status wheel just keeps spinning...

And now the domain is forwarding back to the main site.

Any suggestions ASAP are greatly appreciated!

  • jcnjr
    • HummingBird

    Please excuse my panic...after updating permalinks twice, and reinstalling the plugin from scratch, images are once again showing on the mapped domain. But this is just weird! :-\

    If I Network Activate the Domain Mapping plugin—like it is supposed to be—the image links break. With Domain Mapping only activated on the sub-site, the images display properly.

    Anyone have any suggestions or care to take a closer look?

  • jcnjr
    • HummingBird

    Thanks for asking @Predrag Dubajic

    It was late, and I was frantic, but I'm pretty sure my troubleshooting went like this:
    - I updated to via auto-update.
    - Noticed broken image links.
    - Manually rolled Back to (No Difference.)
    - Checked for any sunrise.php file changes
    - Updated subsite permalinks.
    - Manually Rolled Back to 4.3. (No Difference.)
    - Checked for any sunrise.php file changes
    - Updated subsite permalinks.
    - Manually updated to
    - Checked for any sunrise.php file changes
    - Trashed mapped domain from subsite admin.
    - Remapped domain.
    - Network deactivated plugin.
    - Activated Domain Mapping on Subsite only.
    - Images worked.

    This morning, the images are still showing, so let's see what happens...
    - Network Activate Domain Mapping
    - Image links break, with TLD changed to (not
    - Network deactivate Domain Mapping
    - Images Load correctly
    - Manually rolled back to DM v.
    - Images display properly.
    - Network Activated Domain Mapping
    - Images display properly.
    - Manually updated to v4.3.0
    - Images display, loading from subsite (
    - Network Activated Domain Mapping.
    - Images do not load, file URL contains .com, not .org
    - Network Deactivate plugin.
    - Images display, loading from subsite (

    So this clearly started with v.3.0. Perhaps I didn't notice it then because I may have never network activated the plugin again after that. I'm sure I would have noticed otherwise. This last update was the first time I ever used the Auto Update feature to upgrade Domain Mapping. I usually do that manually to ensure there were no changes with sunrise.php.

    So, to confirm one more thing, I just did this:
    - Manually roll back to v.
    - Activated on subsite only
    - Images display, loading from subsite (
    - Network Activated plugin
    - Images display, loading from

    Think I' quit while I'm ahead!

    Hope this helps. Thank you.

  • jcnjr
    • HummingBird did you enable the DM in your sub site since this plugin should be only available for Network activation?

    Good Question!

    The plugin does not appear in the subsite's dashboard, as expected, but the Domain Mapping admin tab is available via the Tools tab. This is likely because we run Pro Sites and auto activate Domain Mapping on Supporter III sites, which is the level to which the subsite in question has been manually upgraded.

    So, to clarify: is a Level 3 Pro Site
    Domain Mapping is a Premium Plugin auto-activated on Level 3 Pro Sites. is mapped to
    When DM is network activated, root domain for image links on subsite change to
    When only activated on subsite, image links include subdomain (

    Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help get to the bottom of this!

    Thanks again.

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