All members dissappeared in Membership Premium plugin

Hello. Randomly without any notice, all 200+ members in the Membership Premium plugin have disappeared form the All Members page. They are still listed under Users > All Users, but they are gone from the Membership > All Members page. This is a catastrophic disaster as none of my members are able to log in. I am using an older version of the plugin and have not upgraded since the site was launched, so this issue was NOT caused by upgrading the plugin. And upgrading it to the newest version is NOT an option for me. Something else caused this, but I have not touched the website in weeks. Can you please look into this? I see many other people are having this same issue, so something must be going on for this to be just a coincidence? Thank you. I have granted you access to the dashboard.

  • Nick

    Hi oh thank you so much for getting back to me. I've received over 100 phone calls in the last hour about this. I cannot believe this is happening. I've read tons of posts about people upgrading the membership plugin and having major problems with getting the website to work after upgrading and every post I read said to never upgrade. I do not have any technical skills and cannot fix problems that I may encounter with upgrading the plugin, therefore I cannot upgrade. How can fix this without upgrading? Are you in my admin? Can you see issue?

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi @Nick,

    I checked few threads regarding this and as I mentioned before there were some changes in WP 4.2 that affected this and we released compatibility fix for it in version
    If you didn't made any changes to plugin files you should be fine with updating to latest version.
    However I always suggest making a full backup of your current site just so you stay on safe side and can restore to previous state if something goes wrong.

    Let us know if we can help you more with this.

    Best regards,

  • Nick

    Hello. I upgraded to the most recent version of the Membership plugin and the members seem to have been restored under Membership > All Members. However much of what worked in the older version of Membership I was using no longer works with your most recent version.

    The major thing is that many pages that are blocked with the access levels are accessible and visible to public (stranger) viewers! This is a major deal as public visitors are getting access to the paid content! And it only began happening after the upgrade! This is why I didn't want to upgrade.

    Can you please look at this? I have granted you access. If you go to Membership > Access Levels, you will see one for "Visitors". Click on Edit. You will see I set up Negative Rules for Pages. Please go to this and you will see the box checked next many pages.

    For example, you will see the box checked next to "Members Only". It is my understanding that by checking the box for this page using the Negative Rules for the Visitor access level, that visitors (users NOT logged in) should NOT be able to see this page. If you go to this page not logged in, which is, you will correctly see the Protected Content page. This is great.

    HOWEVER, all the pages under the parent "Members Only" are accessible and visible by the Visitor access level, even though the boxes are checked next to those page in the negative rules for pages. For example, go to If you go to this page without being logged in, i.e. a Visitor, you see the content of the page! No more "Protected Content" message like you would get if you went to its parent page But if you check the negative rules for pages, you will see the box checked next to Feast with Friends! This is a HUGE issue!

    Can you please look into this and see if something is wrong? This is why I was afraid to upgrade, but I had no choice.

    Thank you.

  • Nick

    Good day. Yes the URL Groups worked perfectly. Thank you for figuring this out so quickly. It's definitely nice to have the newest version of the Membership plugin and the website working as it should be!

    Also, if you don't mind, could you remove the domain name of my website from your post? I do not want that shared with the public (that's why I was using "" in my posts, and not the actual domain name.)

    Thank you.

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