All Members: Enhancements to the view layout and content

We now have 250+ members on the site, and we are finding that trying to manage members in bulk, can be very restrictive.
1) For a start, 'Screen Options' is not available for the page, which means we are limited to viewing what you allow us to view, 20 members at a time.
2) You don't have paging at the bottom of the screen, which means that scrolling through members is made more tedious than it already is.
3) We would like to be able to see the member name on the display, as that is what users are typically known by. Username & Email is currently displayed. In our case, they are the same in 98% of cases, so a waste of time really. I know the user name is accessible via the icon on the right, but this requires a click to see the name. An admin cannot scan the list for names.
4) When sorting on email (clicking the arrow), the sort appears to be on username instead.
5) It would be useful to have an export facility for all or selected member details.
6) It would be useful to be able to view the membership expiry dates for a members
7) I user Admin Columns Pro, which is a fantastic tool for managing what is being displayed in views like this, but it seems to be blocked. I use it extensively to manage complex views, including data originating from plugins. I understand that this view is somewhat more involved that the average list of posts, but unfortunately that then means that the onus is on you to provide an interface that allows efficient management of members