All of the plugins from wpmudev are excellent! - Except

All of the plugins from wpmudev are excellent!

- Except the Membership plugin!

It appears that these negative rules are cluttering any effective use for the purpose of protections.

If I have 1000 pages, and I want a member to access 200 of them, and strangers to access 800 of them, I must go thru a silly task of adding some protection here, and removing some there. And always have to go to the control panel and check boxes.

And, everytime I add a new page, for members, I must go to the control panel again, and add some new protection here, and remove some there, again, at the control panel, checking boxes.

This seems silly!

Why not just remove all the negative protection, and have only positive protections:

ie) set all 1000 pages open for strangers, then set 200 pages for protected members.
This way, strangers can only see 800 pages net.

Also, why can I not just protect a directory, then I can add unlimited pages without worrying about setting anything more!

Thanks in advance.