All permalinks redirect to the homepage

I am experiencing some issues with my multisite. Some of my sites have begun to have issues with their permalinks, i.e. the permalinks don’t work in the menu on some sites but it only seems to affect unpublished sites. No matter which menu point you click on in the menu it only shows frontpage. I can say that it does not happen on newer sites. Only older sites that are not yet live.

I tried resetting the permalinks and when using the default permalink option (plain) the pages were working fine, but when I reactivated the Post name permalink option the issue reappeared.

I’ve also tried to reset .htaccess content to default and clearing the cache but the issue is still there.

Apart from that, I’ve deactivated all plugins that are not network activated on the subsite, but still no effect.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello septl

    I hope you're well today!

    I was doing an initial check on your site yesterday (no changes made, an initial review of the case and setup only) and was about to dig deeper into it but it seems that the "permalinktest" site is no longer existing and I'm also not able to login to the site anymore. Also, the /wp-admin part is reporting "site cannot be reached" issues.

    Are you making/did you make changes to the site or are you maybe trying to set that up again? I'd be happy to investigate the issue but it would be helpful if you could keep me updated if you're making changes (and what kind of them), especially if they are serious and might "cut me off". That's mostly because I wouldn't want to "get in your way" :slight_smile:

    Let me know if you still need us to investigate this and if so, what changes are you making/did you made. In that case, please make sure also that the access credentials that you shared with us are still valid (if we need new ones, let me know too and I'll tell you how to provide them to me securely).

    Best regards,

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