[All plugins that run scans (Smart Crawl, Smush, Hummingbird, Defender, etc.)] MORE DETAIL

I would LOVE more detail. Examples are below:

Smart Crawl: I’m running the SEO scan, and I see some generic and contradictory errors.
Generic Errors –
1. We found some of your relative anchors are pointed to invalid IDs.
Ok. What are they? Where are they?
2. Good news! We located the robots.txt file and search engine crawlers have access to do their job. However, we haven’t been able to find any sitemap information in it.
Ok. How can I add the sitemap to the robots file? It’s even worse that I’m using several WPMU Dev plugins (including the one that creates the sitemap).
Conflicting Errors-
1. We could not detect any ARIA landmarks on your page.
2. We found duplicate landmark roles that have not been clearly labeled.
How is it possible to have no ARIA landmarks, but also have duplicates? Also, if you’re plugin is going to flag a problem, shouldn’t it help you solve it?
Ref URL: https://snipboard.io/TB8ivo.jpg

Here there is generally lots of info, but no solutions. Let me explain. In the URL below, you’ll see the error “Serve static assets with an efficient cache policy”. It states that 28 files need to be resolved and lists all of the files by URL. Awesome.
Ref URL: https://snipboard.io/KkRbwp.jpg
BUT WAIT?!?!?! There are 27/28 files that are because of the WPMU Dev CDN. Isn’t the point of me using your CDN so that I have less issues? Now I’ve got 27 more issues that I can’t resolve because they are on an “external” domain. YOUR DOMAIN.
OHHHHH…your solution is “CONFIGURE BROWSER CACHING”. Yeah…that’s already setup. So, how is that the problem?
Ref URL: https://snipboard.io/uXPfQY.jpg