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OK - I am a newbie here at WPMU DEV, just got access today...

I have a fresh install using 2.9.2 WPMU and Buddy Press - using the BP Columns 1.2 by modemlooper.

I have installed post indexer - per the instructions and recent global posts widget.

Correct me if I am wrong but isn't post indexer supposed to put all the posts on the home page - inline with the posts from the main site? I uploaded the SQL and according to a few posts I read here on the forum - post indexer is not available in the plugins list... which is fine...

but where are the posts from the test sub blog I made? AmI supposed to do something else - like edit the code somewhere?

I did activate the recent Global posts widget and I see the posts there. But not with the formating I was looking for - I would like to see every post shown in the main site with the main sites story format etc.

in the recent global posts it lists
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