All previous wp posts show correct url, but populate with incorrect post content

Hey all!

I hope everyone has had an amazing week and have at least a little R&R planned for this weekend.

We just updated our WP page by using the WMPU theme Panino. It seems to be going fairly well except all of my previous posts are displaying the incorrect content.

For instance, this is the original post and correct content, (though the formatting is wonky):

But if I go to these pages, it shows the same content, minus the wonky formatting:

Any ideas or reasonable guesses? Anything I did wrong or can avoid doing in the future? I have a fair amount of content there and I want to get it back to work.


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Larry!

    I can see that there's indeed the same content on all these pages. I understand that it wasn't that way before and is only since the recent update, is that correct?

    I assume that these pages does include different content when you check them via site dashboard, can you confirm that? If so, please start with clearing all caches on site and disabling cache (if you're using any caching plugin) and then re-saving permalinks settings on "Settings -> Permalinks" page.

    Let me know if this worked. Let me also know please if you wish to keep this thread in "Members" forum for community discussion or would you like me to move it to a "Support" forum where we - as a support staff - could troubleshoot this further.


    • Larry King

      HI Adam,

      Thank you for the help. I appreciate it. By cache are you referring to the cache in upfront accessed via the wordpress backbone or is there another cache?

      I believe that I cleared the cache there, but no luck restoring the pages. You are correct in you assumption that the posts are still there on the back end. They just all populate with the content of that one post.

      You mentioned the update. Yes it was after an upfront update, however I am not sure whether that contributed to it, or if I just broke it somehow on my end. It is totally possible, (I assume?), that when I updated the now dominate post, that I did something that caused this.

      As far as the location of this query, please keep it or move it to wherever you think is most appropriate. Thank you so much for your help.



  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Larry,

    Thanks for granting access!

    I reviewed your site and I can see that the third page in question is now displaying properly (the "Armbar from side control") but the "Pendulum sweep..." is still using a wrong post.

    I noticed however that you're using a Visual Composer in your sites back-end. I can see that it seem to be working but I'd strongly advise quitting on it. Upfront is not compatible with any "visual builder" type of plugins/frameworks as it's a "visual framework" itself and I'm sure that this may/will cause issues in future. Furthermore, I suspect that it may be affecting this issue as well.

    In this case however the issue is different I think. On the "Pendulum sweep..." page there's no "Post" element on the page. Instead the page layout was build using "Text" and "Image" modules. These are layout elements, not "dynamically pulled" posts.

    The most probable cause of this is that you were editing the "Methods of training" post using Upfront editor and build it using aforementioned "Text" and "Image" element and then while saving it used the "For all posts/pages of this type" option when prompted. This way the layout got saved and is applied to all posts of the same type instead of pulling post content.

    This means that some additional work would have to be done here in order to "fix" the entire layout. I'd suggest starting with quitting on Visual Composer and re-making content in backend first and then you would want to drag-n-drop "Posts" element to single post view page layout and adjust it to look as expected.

    I hope that makes sense :slight_smile:

    Best regards,

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