All prices other than initial level showing up as $0 in Paypal

I've set up the Membership plug-in for a newspaper subscription that offers different prices based on subscription time, but when I click on the different subscription levels individually to test purchase, only the 30 day subscription is showed a price in Paypal. All other subscriptions showed a $0.00 amount when they got to PayPal.
I had set the Access levels as Free Content & Paid Subscription. Int the Subscription Plans I listed each level separately, with its own period and pricing for that period, leaving the Mode as Finite. (30 days/$3, 3 months-92 days/$8, 6 months - 184 days/$15, Annual - 365 days/$25) This seemed to be the only way I could get it to populate with a variety of Pricing on the Membership/Subscription page, otherwise again it only showed the $3 pricing when it got to Paypal.
What do I need to do? Is this a Plugin issue or a Paypal issue?