All rules not loaded correctly

Hello, i think i found a bug in M_setup_default_rules (includes/default.rules.php).

My problem was : the rule about blogcreation didn't work. So i look the code all my sunday and a few hours saturday afternoon with good music :slight_smile:

The function load_rules has this :
"if(isset($M_Rules[$rule->rule_area]) && class_exists($M_Rules[$rule->rule_area])) {"

When i load wp-signup.php, it doesn't through this test. So that i understand is that the word "blogcreation" (i look in database) must be in $M_Rules.

And this array doesn't load the class M_Blogcreation (with print, i can see all the class but this class).

Then i look again and i found in M_setup_default_rules :
if(is_multisite() && is_super_admin()) {
M_register_rule('blogcreation', 'M_Blogcreation', 'admin');

So i don't understand why the class M_Blogcreation is registered only for super_admin. I understand tha it is only for multisite.
So i think the good code is :
if(is_multisite()) {
M_register_rule('blogcreation', 'M_Blogcreation', 'admin');

And ohhh, it works \o/