Fedex and USPS not working; All shipping options default to "Free Shipping"

I had previously purchased an older version of the plugin and faced many problems trying to get the FedEx, UPS, and USPS shipping options to work. I finally managed to get UPS working, however FedEx and USPS were still giving me issues. Basically, FedEx just gives a red error message reading "FedEx: Authentication Failed" and USPS does not even display any options. I brought this up to David, one of your pre-sales reps and he assured me that all 3 shipping options were working properly in the latest version, so I decided to renew my subscription...however, now I'm getting Free Shipping for all options when there is no weight specified in the product details. When I do specify a weight then I have the same issues as before: FedEx not authorized and static USPS I have a deadline to have this site done by Thursday and this is the last thing on the checklist which has dragged on way too long. Would appreciate if someone can take a look at the site and see what the problem is. Its I can provide username and password if necessary. Thanks in advance for your help.

Oh one more thing... I tweaked the CSS for the add to cart buttons and for some reason when adding to cart it is displacing the price. I tried changing the position of the loader.gif but it didn't do anything. I would like the loader to display properly within the button area and for the price to stay put.

Thanks again for the help!