[all] Solution to hide the WPMUDev "maintenance plugins" (Defender, Snapshot, etc.) ?


I'm using a serie of WPMUDev plugin for my customer's website maintenance (WP Defender, Snapshot, Hummingbird, SmartCrawl and WPMUDev Dashboard), and despite quite a bit of trouble now it's working fine and stable ! Congrats !

However, I have a question : I don't like that my customer (who also needs to have admin access) can see these plugins, because some contains personal informations (for exemple, my Amazon S3 details in Snapshots)...

So my question is, is there a way to hide all these plugins to all users (included other admins), except my own account, and maybe my outsourcer's account as well (he might need to see them to fix some problems) ?

Please let me know, thanks.