All the functionality of a store, but without actually paying?

So, I'm setting up a site for a client that's opening a small soup and sandwich type of place. They want to focus on speedy pick up for people with only half an hour for lunch. For this to happen, they want to have an online order form. However, they're oddly against accepting payment online. So they want to have a form that people can order on, select items from the menu, set quantities, and even get a price total, but then have all that info sent to them and they'll fill it and accept payment at the store.

So, my question to the community, is what type of plugin would be best for this? I was thinking of just doing a general form, but it's hard to get things like pricing, quantities of items, and other things that an estore type shopping cart would offer. But, those type of things usually have payment options and things hooked up to them.

Anyone out there have some advice on this? It'd be greatly appreciated.