All, When I enter a custom "From name" in Automessage it

Hi All,

When I enter a custom “From name” in Automessage it is not used in the emails, the site name is used.

Is there a way to get the custom “From name” to be used?


  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hello, Eric! Happy Friday, and I hope you’re well.

    That’s definitely unexpected behavior. Do you mind running a few troubleshooting tests to see if we can figure out whey Automessage isn’t filling in the from field correctly?

    First off, let’s try de-activating your other plugins to see if there’s a conflict. After you’ve done so, create a test user with an email you’ve not already used on your site that you can check. Is the “from” field properly filled out now? If so, we narrowed down where the problem is.

    Testing which plugin is going to get tricky, especially if you have more plugins than you have spare email accounts. You can re-use the email address, but only if you drop the member table from the database, simply deleting the user from your WP admin won’t erase the user table. So, rather than have you create enough burner email accounts to check each plugin individually, try to narrow your tests down to the most likely culprits first – caching plugins (which may be blocking changes you make on the backend from appearing until your site cache clears), email plugins (like SMTP mail tools), or security plugins (which will be affecting how your site communicates with the web.)

    If this doesn’t get answers, report back in and we’ll take a closer look.

    Thanks for your question, eric!

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