allow BuddyPress Group Admins to charge for group membership


as mentioned in the title, is there a way for BuddyPress Group "admins" to charge for membership for their groups ?

I know "ProSites", "Protected Content" etc. has integration with BuddyPress, but to my understanding that is for the benefit of the main site owner for allowing/charging for group creation ; which is a bit different to what i am thinking.

so basically i use "ProSites", "Protected Content" etc. to allow/charge people to create BuddyPress groups, then i would like those BuddyPress Group Admins to be able to charge anyone for joining their group. These Group Admins are not admins of the main site, but only "group admins" as typically described in BuddyPress.

Can "Protected Content", "MarketPress" etc. or any other plugin achieve this ?

i hope i have described myself clearly.
Any kind thoughts and suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated.

kind regards.