"Allow Free Signup" Vs "Pay To Blog" ?

Basically what are the differences between the "Pay To Blog" module and the "Allow Free Signup" option under /settings ?
I am thinking the "Pay To Blog" module would allow the process of signing up but the site front end and dashboard would not be accessible until payment.
so is this the only difference with the "Allow Free Signup" option which seems to already be unchecked/disabled by default ?
How would the two be used together ?
please help my lazy confused brain wrap some understanding not just on their differences but if and how they can both be used together ?

kind regards and thanks once again for your kind assistance and support in advance !!!

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello amused,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    You're right about the "Pay to blog" option and it does work the way you described. However, there's a bit more to this.

    With a "default" setup of Pro Sites (no "Allow free signup" option checked and no "Pay to blog" module enabled) the way the Pro Sites would work would be:

    - a user aims to register for a site
    - a user is given a choice of Pro Site levels (packages) that you created, all of them are paid
    - user select level and signs up

    The site is now ready to be used.

    If a user for some reason doesn't pay for it (e.g. user paid with credit card and the card is no longer valid) the site is "decativated" but: it's still available for visitors and its admin can login to the dashboard. Essentially, the site should be reverted to the "free site" (which I explain below).

    With Pay To Blog module, in such case site is not withdrawn Pro Site leve but instead a message is given on front-end (e.g. "This site has been suspended until payment", it's up to you) and in backend the one and only page that this site's admin can access is the checkout page where he/she can pay to "unblock" the site.

    Then there's a "free site" and a "Allow free singups" option. By default, all the sites that are created on Pro Sites powered Multisite, are "premium" sites. They must be assigned a pro site level (that you created and for which you defined available themes and plugins). However, with "Allow free signups" option user may select to create a "free site" instead so he/she wouldn't need to pay for the site at all (it's possible to upgrade to a premium site at any time).

    Such a "free site" is a regular site but has no access to any themes and plugins that are allowed only for Pro Site levels.

    For example:

    - "Free signups" are enabled
    - there is only one Pro Site Level called "VIP" and is paid $20/mo
    - the "EVents+" plugin is part of "VIP" package

    - a user signs up for "VIP" level and pays $20
    - a site is created and Events+ plugin is active there
    - for some reason the payment for the next month doesn't go through
    - with "Pay To Blog" module the page gets blocked until user pays for it again
    - without it, the "Pro Site" status expires and the site should still be available as "free site" (see point b below)

    - a user signs up for a Free website
    - he/she doesn't have to pay and the site is instantly created
    - the site is pretty much the same as "VIP" level site but it doesn't have access to the "Events+" plugin which is a part of "VIP" package.

    I hope that makes it a bit more clear :slight_smile: If you have additional questions, let me know please.

    Best regards,

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