Allow Instructors to edit any course

Is there a way to allow an instructor to edit any course in CoursePress Pro regardless if they are the author of the course?

I'm wanting to allow the instructors or a subset of instructors the ability to edit some of the other courses while not being assigned as an instructor. This would be similar to the "Editor" role in core WP as opposed to the "Author" role. I have not been able to find a way to get this accomplished without making the user an "Administrator" in WP. Making them an "Editor" in WP doesn't seem to grant them the correct privileges. I've played around with the settings in CoursePress a little bit, and here is the resulting privileges for a user that is an "Editor" with Instructor privileges:
read_private_courses, read_private_units, read_private_modules, read_private_module_responses, read_private_notifications, read_private_discussions, can_edit_posts, read, upload_files, coursepress_dashboard_cap, coursepress_courses_cap, coursepress_instructors_cap, coursepress_students_cap, coursepress_create_course_cap, coursepress_update_course_cap, coursepress_create_course_unit_cap, coursepress_update_course_unit_cap, coursepress_delete_course_units_cap, coursepress_change_course_unit_status_cap, coursepress_course_categories_manage_terms_cap, coursepress_course_categories_edit_terms_cap, coursepress_delete_course_cap, coursepress_change_course_status_cap, coursepress_view_all_units_cap, coursepress_assign_and_assign_instructor_course_cap

I may just be missing a setting somewhere.