Allow members to add additional memberships

Hello! I'm using WP 3.1 and WP Membership 1.0.5 to run a course-type site where members can purchase one or more courses.

When a current member is logged in and clicks to purchase an additional course, they see the default message, "Completed: Thank you for joiningIt looks like you are already a member of our site. Thank you very much for your support.If you are at this page because you would like to create another account, then please log out first."

I don't want them to have to log out because they shouldn't have to create a new account for each additional course.

How do I enable logged-in users to see, select and purchase additional courses instead of instead seeing the message above?


  • DavidM

    Hi there Tammy,

    I believe what you may be looking for is multiple, active subscription levels. Membership does seem to currently handle these in the back-end, but there is not a front-end interface to achieve this at the moment.

    As Mason says in the following thread, this is something we're looking to add in a future version of the plugin. But for the moment, the best way to work around this is to use subscriptions with definite durations at the ends of which members would then choose a different subscription.


  • Tammy

    Hi, David -

    Thanks for the response. Unfortunately, subscriptions won't solve this for me. Here's why: Courses are not all the same length of access. Plus, I want to let people join a second course (or even more) while still in one course -- they shouldn't have to wait for their first course to end. Also, there are enough courses that I'd have to come up with a course (subscription) level for every possible combination of multiple courses someone might want to take -- that's at least 30 subscriptions already and I know that the potential for mistakes and chaos is there.

    The only work-around I can see at the moment is to create separate purchase buttons for current members and then manually add them...kind of clunky for them and me.

    I'm wondering if anyone else out there has run into this and can suggest a more elegant work-around?

    +1 vote for this as a future feature of the plugin.

  • Tammy

    Hi again -

    I've been futzing with subscriptions to see if I can make that approach work for now. But something still isn't working for me and I hope you can guide me through it.

    When a current member wants to upgrade to a higher subscription level, they get the same default message I provided in my first message, above.

    So how do they upgrade their subscription then? I understand from another thread somewhere here that current members should be able to bypass the account creation screen and be brought directly to the page that allows them to upgrade (eg, http://domain/enrollment-page/?action=page2), but that's not happening...they just keep getting sent to that default message, an endless loop.


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