Allow multiple sites per user flow, needed to pay before editing?

How to allow the site creation from 2nd site onward with the trial period like the 1st site? I am very confused with this flow, what I want to achieve is:

Required Flow
1. User create a site with a trial period -- 1st site
2. During this time before commit to pay, they can create another site with a trial as well with or without payment plans. I was testing with this function, but it forces to me confirm the activation and make a payment before allow to login and editing.
3. User can create 10 sites with the same user, and then decide to pay on just one - called - MySite#6.
4. Same user wants to transfer the paid plan to MySite#4 and remove the plan from MySite#6.

I know there is an option to transfer plan in the Pro Sites setting (No.4) but I am not quite sure with your PS flow on No.1-No.3. Please elaborate further.