Allow only one appointment to be booked per email address

Please advise, I would like to block customers from booking multiple slots. So only one appointment is allowed.

For example,
a customer A book an appointment on 25 June 2019, and also went ahead to book 2 July 2019 and 3 July 2019.

So if an appointment is already booked on a certain date, I would like to prevent a customer from booking another appointment.

  • Nithin
    • Support Wizard

    Hi Manjeet Singh,

    Could you please check whether setting minimum time to pass in the plugin side helps in covering your need? You can set a value for the option Minimum time to pass for new appointment (secs) in the plugin side, under Appointments > Settings > General > Time, which should ensure the user will have to wait according to the value set, until they could book another appointment from the same email.

    You could set the value as 86400 seconds, which shouldn't allow booking for 24 hours. You can increase the value according to your needs.

    Please let us know whether that helps and if you have any further query. Have a nice day ahead.

    Kind Regards,

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