Allow unregistered users to manage their submitted post

I have a site where non-paying site visitors can submit a form to request vacation packages and paying members can submit their bids.

Due to the way WPMS handles users, I don't want the site visitors to be forced to register to submit their custom post. I have this all figured out so far (submission form, custom post type, membership access to bid form).

The issue I'm having is I want the person who submitted the request to be able to delete their request once they have accepted a bid without having to be a registered user. Kind of like how Craigslist sends you a link that you can click that takes you to a page to edit/delete your post without having to create an account.

I see this plugin ( can do it, but I don't really need any of the other functionality of that plugin.

There's this comment ( that makes it sound possible, I just have no idea how to implement it.

Can anyone provide any suggestions on how to allow a non-registered site visitor to submit a form then be able to go back and delete the post that was created when the form was submitted?

Thanks for any suggestions.