Allow user to create new blogs?

To start, please forgive/correct me if my terminology is incorrect. I am new to WPMU lingo and am trying to learn. I'm not sure if this is a common request or something very rare and unique to my service. I run a site where I license a certain online service and offer it to screen printers and entrepreneurs in American cities. Each 'licensee' gets his own location and unique area of my site. In the next couple months I am going to have my programming team take my entire system and create a wordpress plugin out of it so I can utilize WPMU/multi-site to allow advanced customizations and plugin abilities to my licensees. Each 'location' will be it's own WP site in the MU network (are these considered child sites?). I just purchased the WPMUdev package and can't wait to offer the different plugins and resources to my users. I'm wondering if it would be possible to allow my licensee the ability to create their own sub-locations (instances of WP) from their child locations. That way they could setup custom shops (using shopperpress for example) for certain special clients or sales people inside their own locations. So I guess I'm asking if it's possible for me to act as the main admin and create/provide privileges to a network of sub-users. These sub-users would be granted access to control and manager their own WP site/location. Would it be possible for me to allow these sub-users to create their own new WP sites/locations from their sub-locations? Almost like a child of a child? If this is possible, what type of control do I have over these sub-user abilities (as the admin) and what, if any, action would be required on my end for them to successfully create their own grandchild locations (now i'm 100% sure that lingo is wrong! :slight_smile: --- Thanks so much for your help!

  • shirtandsimple
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    after doing some reading I can clear up who i'm talking about. Is the following correct based on my post above?

    I'm going to be the SUPER ADMIN USER - and I'm going to create an ADMIN account for each licensee to run their own location.

    The questions then are the same as my first post - if my above statement is accurate - can the Admin Users I create add their own sites in the WPMU/multi-site network. Is there any way for them to do this? Or do I need to do it for them?

    Thanks for letting me clear up my previous post a bit! :slight_smile:

  • kingdomtools
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    Hello, i am also setting up an MU / Network site with BuddyPress installed. I do not want anyone posting / contributing to my main site (where they register), but only want them to sign up and have their own sites.

    To accomplish this should I set
    Super Admin | Registration Settings to "Logged in users may register new sites" ?
    and then I check the "Add New Users" option to allow them to add people to their new site(s), correct?

    Lastly, under Dashboard Settings should I "block" them, or what would be the appropriate setting here?

  • drmike
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    Unless I;m misunderstanding something (I swear I;m drinking my coffee) that's how wpmu works out of the box. End users only get access to the sites that the site/super or blog admin allow them to have access to.

    The "Logged in users may register new sites" should be fine.

    You're not looking at folks leaving comments on the main site, are you?

  • kingdomtools
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    Figured it out - posting here just in case some other wayward reader needs a clarification:

    Registration is disabled = no registration option for visitors

    User accounts may be registered = registration now open, but it will just give them an account on the primary blog, no blog of their own.

    Logged in users may register new sites = Registration not open, but those with existing accounts on the primary blog can create a site THROUGH the primary site's Admin Panel.

    Both sites and user accounts can be registered = Registration is open, but now it adds fields to create the registrants blog site, as well as giving them the option to get Supporter info (if you have the Supporter plugin installed & turned on for registration.)

    Two things - 1) If you do NOT want the registrant to see your primary blog, then you need to "Block" them under Super Admin | Options | Dashboard Settings. 2) If Supporter plugin is installed and enabled on signup/register page, Registrants will be taken to it after they confirm their email address & login for the first time. After that the Supporter page is available under the Supporter menu on the bloggers own admin panel.

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