Allowing Custom Scheduling Blocks in Appointments+

I was very excited to use Appointments+ and offer it to my clients. I've tried many scheduling apps but none that integrated seamlessly with WordPress, let alone were affordable. Unfortunately, there is a key feature missing on install with Appointments+. If I have a 60-minute service, people can only schedule at the top of the hour. So if a client books a 1 hours service at 1130, it blocks out 11-1 rather than allowing someone to schedule at say 1030 or 1230.

I realize that this could be coded, and there are some solutions in the support community, but I feel it's a standard enough feature for people booking for their services that it should be ready from install. It would be great to have a setting that allows schedules to be filled wherever available, or allow me to set a time to block out before or after appointments. So if someone is available at 1230 following an appointment, I could say to block out the following 15 minutes or whatever. All of the top scheduling apps I've used have this feature. Hopefully someday this will be implemented.

Other Feature Requests
-Text Reminders
-Mobile App Scheduling