Allowing Editors access to membership admin

I need to allow a client to access and edit members in the membership admin but I also need to limit the access to all of the other options so the backend stays clean and is easy to use.

So far it looks like I may be limited to only allowing Admin level users access to Membership admin features.

If I use the editor level as the client’s user level then I am able to clean everything up. However I can’t provide access to the membership admin features.

If I use the admin level as the client’s user level, then when I limit the admin section I can’t fully clean it up.

Am I only left with the option of converting this into a multisite so I can use the super admin role?

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    Here is what I did and it seems to have done the trick.

    I make the new user an Admin, then go into members add them as a Member Admin, then go back to users, and make them an editor.

    Even though they no longer show up under the Membership –> Options –> Membership Admins, the user (now an editor) still has access to the membership options.

    I’m currently using AG Custom Admin to control my menus. I haven’t had success using Membership to control my admin menus yet but I’m not ready to open a ticket.

    Just thought someone may want an update if they find that they are in the same scenario.

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