Allowing for users within different companies

I am looking at building a training application using CoursePress. However I will be selling to companies so they can train their staff.

Is it possible to setup a site or user structure so that admins in each company (set by me) are able to create / manage / delete ONLY users profiles (staff) from within their company. Each company can have multiple admins and multiple staff e.g.

Company A

– 2 admins

– 10 staff

Company B

– 1 admin

– 30 staff

Ideally I would like people to go into where they can access the courses and content. They won’t be able to log into COMPANYB’s site.

The courses and content will be the same for every company.

Should I use mulisite in this instance? If so how do I manage the courses and Coursepress settings globally (so I don’t have to update every company’s area individually).


  • Kasia Swiderska
    • Support nomad

    Hello Dan,

    This is not possible out of the box with CoursePress – also multisite is not good option because courses would be separate for each subsite so it woulnt be possible to update them only once so they will be updated on all subsites.

    I was thinking about using cloner plugin, but then there is risk that students data can be override when you clone courses between subsites (however I didn’t tested that approach).

    I think that better choice would be in this case membership 2 pro plugin – then you could protect each course by separate private membership and then company admin could add members and add them manually to those memberships. This way only members will have access to those courses. – Membership 2 pro.

    Let me know what do you think

    kind regards,


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