Allowing "member" to create new "blog"

Please Note*

*I am using hosting.

When I create my “membership” (‘blog network’:wink: everything seems to come together using the theme BlogsMu and WPMUDEV plugins.

However once I came to the point where I feel, ‘well- I now will login as a “new user/customer” would and try to create a new blog I recieve a message “path does not exists”. There is no new site created.

Has anyone experienced this before?

Essentially what I want to do is allow anyone to become a member of my ‘blog platform” ( by signing up, have access to themes I provide and begin blogging. Like I stated before it appears everything I did was correct, however I can’t “create a new blog”. (yes, I did something wrong, didn’t I)

So, can anyone dish out some free advice as to allow users to ‘create a new blog that actually exists?’

p.s. I would love to network here. Is there a ‘pro’ that would like to help with It is to eventually become a ‘premium blogging platform’ and peice of the pie is yours, it’s the least I could do for some “step by step-one on one- assitance”.

Thanks for any replies!