Allowing pop-up to open multiple times

My site contains a decision tree with eight possible results. For each result, I have a separate popup that is triggered when a user clicks on a text link. Everything works fine the first time the text link is clicked--the popup box appears just like it should.

Once the user closes the popup, there is no way to re-open the popup.

Is there specific setting that will allow the user to close the popup box, then click the link again to relaunch the popup box? If this option is available, would you mind walking me through the steps to implement it?



  • Michelle Shull

    Hi there, Eric!

    The first thing you'll want to do is go to Pop Up > Settings, and check out the Add ons. You're going to want to enable the Pop Up Details tool. (See first screenshot.)

    Now go to your individual PopUp settings, and refer to my second screenshot. The boxes highlighted in pink should be unchecked, and in the conditions for the pop up, make sure the Pop Up Details setting allows for the pop up to be seen many times, rather than the default once.

    Hope this helps!

  • Eric

    Maybe I spoke too soon.
    Will the settings you provided allow the user to see the pop up box again on the same visit? (I want the user to be able to click on the X to close the pop up, then click on the link to re-launch the pop up again (and again, if they desire.)
    I tried several scenarios, and each time, the link only allowed the pop up box to be shown once.
    Are there any other settings I need to adjust?

  • Sajid

    Hi Eric,

    Hope you are doing good today :slight_smile:

    With steps mentioned by Michelle, should let your users view PopUp again and again, yes in same visit they can click on a link and reopen the PopUp as many times they desire.

    Make sure you have these options unchecked in second screenshot posted by Michelle.

    If the issue is still there, would you mind granting us support access to further investigate the issue.

    If this is ok, just grant me temporary admin access to your site by clicking "Grant Access" button in the WPMU DEV Dashboard Settings from the following path and reply on this thread after granting it?

    Admin -> WPMU DEV -> Support -> Support Access Tab

    If you have not installed WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin yet, kindly do that here : and then allow access as per the above process.

    Best Regards,

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