Allowing Vendors to add bookable products on the front end

Do anyone know of a form (or any other way) that will allow vendors to add bookable products on the front end? At present I am letting vendors create a bookable product (time) on the back end and then link that product to a listing.

Alternatively (preferably), making a listing (listify) bookable and payable?

  • Julian

    Hi Predrag

    My theme is Listify by Themeforest.

    Plugins as follow;

    WooCommerce - add bookable products functionality
    WooCommerce Product Vendors - allows vendors to manage their own products (backend only)
    WP Job Manager -
    WP Job Manager - Products - Allows you to assign products created in WooCommerce to be associated with listings.

    Currently I allow vendors to create products in the backend (in the form of bookable time), they then add a listing on the front end. Final step is to link the product that they created earlier to the listing.

    The ideal would be the have listings that can be booked and paid for, but in the absence of that at least a form of sorts that can add the products, listings and linking them up from the front.

    With Buddyforms one can add products and listings from the front end, even set the product type to bookable by default, but you cant change the vital parts of the booking eg availability etc

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Julian!

    Thank you for this explanation.

    Are those "bookable products" on a "regular schedule" or are they of different length and date/times? I'm asking this because I wondering if perhaps one of our two plugins could serve you: Appointments+ or Events+. Take a look here please:

    The first one is design to handle "regular schedule" appointments and the second one can handle both recurring and single-occurrence events and both can be nicely integrated with BuddyPress including front-end editing.

    Have you already considered one of these? I think you could give them a try though I'd suggest testing them first on a staging site and in case you had any questions about setup/configuration I'll be more than happy to assist you.

    Best regards,

  • Julian

    Each Vendors availability and size of "time blocks" will be different eg some vendors may want to offer a desk on an hourly basis while others may want prefer a daily offering. The combination of plugins that I have can achieve all those things. The obstacle that I have is that the process of adding a listing + bookable product is so clumsy and complicated that it is scaring listing owner away.

    I need one of two solutions;

    1) A form that I can easily format to allow the creation of listings and products from the front end in one go or

    2) IDEALY - When a client/vendor/whatever lists a space, I would love to offer the functionality of adding availability/booking to that listing. A listing that can be booked and paid for by visitors.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Julian!

    I think the WooCommerce Frontend Shop Manager plugin would be helpful here. It's a tool for managing WooCommerce store via front-end including WC Vendors and WooThemes Product Vendors support. This should solve most of the "front-end management" issue. Take a look here:

    I'm not sure how does it integrate/play with the theme that you're using (to which I unfortunately do not have access) but I think you could start with this and then see what else would be needed.

    Best regards,

  • Julian

    Thanks for the help this far.

    I've tried WooCommerce Frontend Shop Manager but it doesn't seem to be working with my theme (no add/edit/etc buttons appear). Its not going to solve my problem in any event. I don't have actual products or a traditional storefront. I have listings. The products are virtual and bookable and are linked to the listing.

    What I need is a customizable form that can emulate the backend process of creating products and listings.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Julian!

    I think that plugin was the best shot here if it comes to "ready to use" tools and since it doesn't work for you it may be necessary to create a custom developed solution. You may want to post a question about custom development on your "Jobs & Pros" job board (please note: no WPMU DEV staff involved!) here:

    You may however want to try creating your own custom forms using Gravity Forms or Ninja Forms with Front-End Posting extension. One of these plugins may let you create working solution.

    Best regards,

  • Jean McLain

    I think I may have a solution... we are a partner of vCita and they offer what's called a LiveSite - here is more information on one of our websites -
    We offer it to our clients who need a scheduling solution, accept payment, and even basic CRM.
    As a partner you can receive a percentage of each "sale". I think it's pretty straightforward to set up.
    You can read about it here -

  • Julian

    Thanks Milan

    I had a look at cVita but they seem to simply offer a "1 to many" booking system that a business (or individual) can use to allow its own clients to book their time. As it stand, I already have all the functionality to accept listings from a multiple business owners on my directory, they can set their own availability, location, price, pics etc.

    My problem is this:

    In order to achieve the above, I am following a 3 step process: 1) Client creates a bookable product via the backend. 2) Client creates a listing eg a boardroom or event space with pics and a location. 3) Client link the product that they just created to the listing . The end result looks and acts like a listing that is bookable and can be charged for.

    This process works, but as you can imagine its not ideal to 1) send an often non web savvy client into the back-end to create a product. 2) get them to only focus on the aspects of the product that is relevant and 3) bring them back to the front to create the listing. It would have been ideal if one could simply add a price and a calendar to a listing, as you do with a bookable product. But in the absence of that it seems like I'm better of looking for a customizable front-end form that will make the 3 actions (Create bookable product/create listing/link the 2) seem like one.

    Take care

  • Jean McLain

    You might consider talking to vCita directly. They have a lot of functionality which is not clearly explained on their website. Originally we didn't think vCita could solve our problem, but they have. Example: I'm an "expert" who offers seminars in several locations and I have a listing in your directory. At the bottom of my listing, there would be a button/link which would open my personal vCita livesite. The client could schedule, make payment and even cancel or reschedule directly through that portal. The way you could make money besides your directory is to be a vCita business partner. Here is an example of a livesite -
    Just FYI - I have no relationship with vCita other than having an account, so I have no vested interest. They seem to be willing to customize a solution - might be worth giving them a call and see if they could provide a simple solution. So many more options than what is explained on their website.
    I agree - clients in the backend - scary.

  • Milan

    Hello Julian

    Hope you are doing fine. :slight_smile:

    It would have been ideal if one could simply add a price and a calendar to a listing, as you do with a bookable product. But in the absence of that it seems like I'm better of looking for a customizable front-end form that will make the 3 actions (Create bookable product/create listing/link the 2) seem like one.

    After reviewing options Jean McLain provided here, I think best to approach this requirement would be custom development. As it will let's you tweak and change behaviour even in future if you want to. And also gives you ability to make flow the way you want.

    For that I either suggest you to hire good developer from your network or use our Job Portal if you wish to. :slight_smile:

    Kind Regards,

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