almost there with Multiuser Setup

Alright, I'm using Notepad++ per your recommendation and so far so good. I am doing my first attempt on a site that is not so critical if I make a mistake. I've gone thru the steps at

and now I at the part near the bottom that has the header "Checking out your Network Admin dashboard area". I did log out and back in just to be sure, and I do not see "Network Admin link in the top right of the WordPress Admin". The instructions the network enabling page says "Once you have completed all these steps and uploaded all files". So I am guessing there is more I need to upload, I just do not know what they are. I have not installed BP yet, and I am trying to see if there is any other files I need to upload.

Please advise. (I have a special banana dessert ready for you once this gets all figured out).

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    Hi y3kgeek,

    Mmm...banana creme pie sounds delicious! Don't think it'd be a good idea to waste it throwing it at ya!

    Yes, BuddyPress works alongside Multisite for its blogging features and you're correct, it's not needed to create additional sites, that would be Multisite's task. BuddyPress simply adds social networking and various other nifty features like profile customization.

    @foodfriendfinder, thanks for your help once again, mighty kind of ya!


  • jdsullivan411
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    Thanks for the confirmation of that process. Alright, now I am doing the same thing on the site that matters more. And I think I accidently put the code in step #4 on

    *below* the happy blogging line instead of above it. I'm don't remember doing this, but when I went in to recode the config page per the dashboard Network settings instructions, when I downloaded and looked at the config file again in Notepad++, it appeared below the happy blogging message.

    I continued with the steps on the Network settings instructions in the dashboard, logged out and then in, and I do not see the Network administrator option in the Howdy, name menu in the upper right side of the dashboard. Also I see under Tools>Network Setup those instructions again, but with a warning that says: "An existing WordPress network was detected."

    If I did indeed make this mistake, do I need to uninstall and reinstall WP all over again? I've already set up the Wildcard DNS on my server, will I have to undo and redo that as well? Or is everything ok, but then why am I not seeing the network admin in my 'Howdy, name' menu?

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