Alternate header for theme on specific pages


I'm using a Woothemes theme called Memorable. As you can see, it has a very tall page header. I'm wondering how to create a 2nd header that is shorter and only applies to specific pages in the site. Can you help me get this done quickly?

This is the Memorable theme:

This is the site I'm working on:


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    you'll need to edit your themes header.php

    find the html that creates the header

    then surround it with is_page()


    <?php if (is_page('Page')) { ?>
      your header code
    <?php } ?>

    or you could use the above to change the css class such as header

    <?php if (is_page('Page')) { ?>
      $pageclass = '-page';
    <?php } ?>
    <div id="header<?php echo $pageclass; ?>">

    Where Page = the name of your page.

    then create a new CSS class similar to #header in your themes CSS

    in this example you'd copy the #header CSS to a new rule called #header-page

    hope this helps.

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