Alternative print page

<link rel=alternate media=print href="blank.html">

This is supposed to be a code for changing the page that prints when print is selected. I've tried it in my themes header.php which has similar lines. Is a script like this supposed to work in php? Because in my research of html protector software, features such as encryptng, preventing select all, or changing the print page is not usually available for php because php means the format is continuously being changed or something to that affect.

Typically pages with the extensions ".php", ".asp" or ".aspx" cannot be protected, as they contain code that needs to be read and interpreted on the server prior to processing. If they're encrypted, this may not be possible.

Do I need a print.css as this wp user has?

I should be allowed to add HTML meta tags to the header right? So is there a way to change the print page and stop select all pasting with such?