Am I missing something, or does the Affiliate plugin page need updated?

Hello, I'm using Membership coupled with Affiliates.

The #detail page for the affiliates plugin says this plugin can be installed on

any regular WordPress, BuddyPress or Multisite installation.

I installed affiliate on localhost with a regular wordpress installation, but could not find the menu item anywhere once I activated it. So I looked online for more detail. The #detail page says it can be, but even the #usage instructions say

Once the Affiliates plugin has been installed, log into your WordPress Admin Panel, visit Network Admin » Plugins and Network Activate the plugin.

..which means I would have to enable Wordpress Multisite to do this.

I got affiliates activated by enabling multisite and everything works fine after setting up multisite permissions, but

My Concern is:
Does the affiliates plugin #detail page @ need updated or am I missing something?

My Question is:
Will I have to create a multisite setup for any client that wants a affiliate integration or have I missed something in installing this set up?