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Does anyone have any info on whether it is a good idea to host on Amazon? I noticed one of the showcase companies called Brellabee usins Amazon to host their clients sites. Would this be difficult to do?


  • DavidM
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    Hi Dustin,

    From what I understand, Amazon S3 can only be used to host HTML files, not PHP or otherwise dynamic content. There’s some great articles on using the service for images though, such as this one:

    That said, as I’ve not used the service myself as yet, hopefully others around here who use Amazon will have some insight to share. Anyone?



  • Barry
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    If you are considering EC2 for your hosting, then it’s fine (though can be v. pricey) as long as you avoid the micro instances, the processing limits they place on them means that they just can’t handle WPMS at all. Even with tons of caching and being tweaked as much as possible, I gave up in the end and went with a different company.

  • dustin
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    What company did you go with? I am trying to figure out where I should go to get a secure hosting solution. I am using Hostgator shared hosting right now, but I have learned that isn’t the most secure way, especially if your customers will have concerns because they will be storing their confidential data on the site.

  • Barry
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    I went with Linode ( – which were handy for me as I needed a host with a european data center (they also have US), cost wise – they are a lot cheaper than the small EC2 instances on Amazon for similar specs – been with them almost a year with no issues so far.

    Used to use slicehost, but they are being phased out since being taken over by rackspace, and I just don’t want to go “cloud” again (bad experience with mediatemple a few years ago).

  • Barry
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    A lot lot lot lot lot better :slight_smile: With linode (or most VPS companies really) (at the basic level) you get a VPS which allows you to install whatever operating system, database server, webserver etc… on it that you want to. It is effectively a small server of your own with it’s own harddrive (though it’s virtual), memory and processor so you are more protected from other users / sites stealing the resources of a shared hosting server.

    You can also upgrade at any point to more memory, processor power, hard drive space, etc…

  • Jonathan
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    Along with barry’s link to slicehost articles. Linode also has some great resources…

    Last year I brought my first vps and new nothing. I still don’t know everything, but I am not so scared anymore. I decided to not install a cpanel of any kind. I do everything over ssh (It is a bit scary, and has a learning curve) It’s like old school dos prompt stuff – lol. But this change was worth it.

    I would also recommend Linode as a vps.

    I would (for the time being) stay clear from Their uptime is not what they say it is – they are working on that issue though.

  • dustin
    • The Crimson Coder

    Jonathan and others,

    I have learned that there is another VPS like Linode, but which has a Cpanel. It is called WiredTree. Does anyone know how it compares with Linode? I heard you can install Cpanel on Linode, but it would take more RAM than what Linode provides. Is this true?

    I am not sure if I should install Cpanel on Linode, or just use WiredTree.


  • Jonathan
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    @dustin Mattison,

    Firstly Cpanel is software and requires ram on any computer (server) it is installed on. Cpanel uses a lot of resources. Webmin another cpanel type software uses far less ram. You get loads of control panel softwares – some free, opensource and others come with a price tag.

    Linode has more than enough ram to handle cpanel. But I guess you are looking at the entry point 512mb ram. You’ve got to compare apples with apples. I don’t know anything about wiredtree, but I can tell you that the same box setup 512mb ram will perform the same as linode 512mb. The only difference is linode has a great track record – ask anyone :wink:

    I don’t use any cpanel (improves performance, security, etc, etc) but the learning curve is steeper than if I decided to use a cpanel.

    In the end you have to make a decision based on what you feel is best.

  • Mark de Scande
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    @jonathan 512mb ram lol :slight_smile:

    Hey Buddy i am on 16Gb of ram and 15Ksas drives on Raid 0 + Must Have Back up drive

    It is easy if you have some cash to spear and you want to be the next BIG thing go dedicated i am with and they are always there to help :slight_smile: servers start off at about USD 139 just remember server cost about USD 450 these days but that nice thing is i can upgrade and upgrade.

    So my best advice is go dedicated and google it baby remember ever body will sell you a server but they will not set it up for you YES you have to set it up

    CentOS + Cpanel + WHM Rocks.

    Again my 2 cents worth :slight_smile:

  • Jonathan
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    @mark de Scande,

    Lol – I was referring to the entry level option :wink: As @dustin was saying that he was told that linode won’t be able to cope with cpanel, which is ludicrous because linode scales up to 20gb ram.

    But if we are talking 16gb plus then I agree, dedicated box is the way to go as it works out cheaper. But for someone moving from shared hosting. VPS is probably better as it can scale (costs, ram, cpu, etc)

    My Flavor of the moment: Ubuntu + LEMP

  • wpcdn
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    Linode is great. We’ve used one of their VPSs as a separate domain name server for a year now, and it’s very solid.

    Note that managing a server (including basic management and security) can be a big task. And there are lots of nuances. I definitely recommend hiring a server administrator (for example

    A control panel does add overhead, but can make a lot of things easier. In addition, cPanel has very good support. So the extra money and overhead can be worth it if something goes wrong. As someone mentioned, webmin includes basic server administration (but not as comprehensive as cPanel, and lacking cPanel’s support).

  • deeroy
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    If you are new and not really familiar with server management then go for managed services…wiredtree and even Jaguar PC do offer managed vps at good prices…I just got myself a hybrid at jaguar PC and its managed by them…comes with whm/cpanel 4gb ram/200GB Storage Raid 10/10TB Bandwidth/5 IP add/Reverse DNS/ plus other stuff that might come handy (Scriptaculos,RV stuff).Server hardening is done by them and monitored 24/7.I’ve been with them on reseller hosting for 3 years before this and love the support.Of course u can learn how to manage it along the way and slowly get there.If u wanna learn your way up then theres a lot of VPS less than $5 on the net.

    P/s: always look for good offer at webhostingtalk or ermm i forgot the other site before u buy any VPS.See the review by members.They are a big community of hosters and Web designers(like me) looking for good bargain.I got a 25% discount for life and 1 month free.

  • winning
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    Is an Amazon EC2 small instance ok to run WPMU?

    Small Instance – default*

    1.7 GB memory

    1 EC2 Compute Unit (1 virtual core with 1 EC2 Compute Unit)

    160 GB instance storage

    32-bit or 64-bit platform

    I/O Performance: Moderate

    API name: m1.small

    which is $28/month.

    Compared to starting 512M RAM priced at $20. or 1.5G RAM at $60.

    If you were to create a WPMU network of a few hundred sub-sites, which hosting will you choose?

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