Amazon S3 Error: Could not list buckets :Access Denied

Hi Support,
(WPMU DEV Dashboard & SnapShopt installed but only WPMU DEV selectable above.)

Snapshot has been running with ftp to a backup web server but switching over to Amazon S3.
Set up remote destination, AWS Key, Secret Code, Sydney location.
But when click Select Bucket, getting Error: Could not list buckets :Access Denied
Bucket is created and Bucket Permission added.

Connecting to AWS
Using SSL: Yes
Setting Region: Asia Pacific (Sydney) Region (
Using Storage: Standard
Using ACL: private
Sending file to: Bucket: : Directory: Error: Send file failed :400 :

Have other sites running BackupBuddy to S3 without any problems, this i the first SnapShot site to move to S3.

Any suggestions?
Cheers, Reid